CCGA Organization

Our city is home to hundreds of community gardens, and the Chicago Community Gardeners Association has created a network of those gardeners that is truly gardener-designed and gardener-led, to ensure the sustainability and vibrancy of Chicago gardens for years to come. CCGA is composed of working groups that meet regularly to support community gardens through education and networking events as well as providing material resources. CCGA helps to find solutions to common challenges such as leadership transitions, access to water and land, and community organizing.

CCGA Organization and You

Gardeners come together from all over the city to participate in CCGA activities. CCGA needs your energy and ideas, you can best get involved by joining one of the CCGA working groups:

Membership Committee

Some of the Membership Committee’s work items include: host CCGA open governance quarterly meetings, help maintain calendar, engage existing gardeners in CCGA activities, facilitate individual gardener referrals to gardens, organize and act as conduit for special ad-hoc volunteer efforts, help recruit and prepare CCGA volunteers for CCGA special events, help develop annual budget, initiate modest funding to support 5 year budget, oversee grant submittal and charitable giving, etc…;

Resources Committee

The Resource Committee helps maintain resources to be shared by all gardens throughout Chicago, sponsors plant distributions, special gardening tools & supplies, manage greenhouse resources & activities, etc…;

Education Committee

The Education Committee sponsors ad-hoc educational sessions, events & workshops sponsored by or coordinated through CCGA aimed at educating and enlightening community gardeners, etc..;

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee helps maintain the CCGA website and calendar, oversees emails to gardeners, helps with promotions and all technology needs.

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