Who We Are

CCGA is a network of Chicago community gardeners who have come together to grow deep roots.

Our City is home to hundreds of community gardens. This website is built on years of organizing efforts to support these community green spaces: a website by and for gardeners.

A History of Chicago Community Garden Organizing

  • 1995: GreenNet forms as a professional network of non-profit organizations and public agencies committed to jointly improving the quality, amount, use, and distribution of green open space in Chicago.
  • 2010: GreenNet members came together over two days at the 2010 Community Garden Sustainability Summit. Nearly 30 representatives of Chicago’s community garden sector examined their collective efforts, discovering a robust though disjointed sector needing better community organizing, communication, and resource sharing.
  • 2012: Growing Forward brought a working group of XX garden leaders and community stakeholders together to map out the solutions to problems discussed at the Sustainability Summit. Their answer? Create a network that is truly gardener-designed and gardener-led to ensure the sustainability and vibrancy of Chicago gardens for years to come.
  • 2013: Connecting Chicago Community Gardens (CCCG) holds its first meeting, drawing over 200 community gardeners. CCCG did not begin and end with the conference itself, but has lived on in working groups meeting regularly to coordinate garden tours, plan next year’s conference, and find solutions to common challenges such as leadership transitions, access to water and land, and community organizing. This website continues this community-built vision.
  • 2014 to present…: Chicago Community Gardeners Association (CCGA) becomes a self-sustaining entity…

Since our inception in 2013 CCGA has held dozens of plant distributions…

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