Water Conservation

Water conservation is more than just watering less often; it means building watering habits that promote efficiency and informed decision-making.

The following resources will help you develop water conservation practices that use less water and direct water to where plants want it most: their roots.

Know Your Lawn Hydrant

    • Inspect the lawn hydrant during every garden visit.  Train the entire garden team in proper use and maintenance.
    • Turn the water OFF at the source after every use.  Shutting off only the hose will waste a tremendous amount of water.
    • Check for leaks during every use. Leaks can typically be found where the hose connects to the faucet, around the handle and at the base of hydrant.
    • Protect your hydrant from theft by scrap metal collectors. Make sure the piping is protected with a locked cage or metal box. Some gardens paint the box black to hide the metal for even more protection.


DIY Rain Harvesting Projects


Water Conservation Practices and Pledges

Gardeners have devised many different methods for conserving water. Take a look at some of these options and develop a water conservation plan with your garden group.

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