Community Garden Work Days

Some gardens offer regular opportunities for individuals to participate in work days or events that happen on a regular basis.

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If you are looking for ways to make an immediate impact in South Shore, we invite you to become a volunteer with the South Merrill Community Garden.

The South Merrill Community Garden, located at 7032 S Merrill, is an intergenerational garden group dedicated to facilitating peace in the neighborhood. The garden memorializes Troy Law, a former student of O’Keeffe Elementary School, who died as a result of domestic violence.

Your efforts will provide families with a safe and beautiful oasis, inspire neighbors to take ownership of this beautiful garden space and become active participates in its future upkeep. So, come prepared and dressed to get dirty; old clothes and closed-toe shoes strongly recommended. Depending on the season, volunteers will perform a variety of garden tasks including planting, weeding, watering, and maintaining walkways.
Community work days are typically scheduled on Saturday’s from 11 AM – 1 PM in 2017.

The South Merrill Community Garden kicks off their gardening season in April and it extends through October. We encourage all garden supporters to LIKE the South Merrill Garden Facebook Page. Sign up to volunteer through our partner at:

The Mayfield Community Garden at 301 N. Mayfield, Chicago would love to have volunteers to show up at the following Saturday work days, 9 AM -12 PM in 2017:

April 22 – Official reopening with planting of seeds in food pantry beds, mulching, and square foot garden demonstration
May 13 – Seedlings made available to gardeners.  Mulching, turning of compost, and thinning of seedlings planted on April 22.
June 3 – Harvesting of radishes(?), covering of potato plants with soil and straw, weeding and installation of trellises around raspberry bushes
July 15 – Selective harvesting & weeding
August 26 – Selective harvesting & weeding
Sept 23 – Harvesting followed by picnic
Nov. 4 – Cleanup



Greenhouse Garden
1100 N. Wood St. – starting at 3pm almost every Sunday afternoon from May until October. Help with fruit trees, herb garden, perennial and native plant beds always needed.

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La Huerta Roots and Rays Community Garden
We typically have workdays on Sundays at 3 but may be reevaluating our time later in the season. Our web site is here:

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