Garden Hygiene Tips

  • Wear gloves every time you work in the garden.  Gloves protect you from exposure to contaminants and any nasty run-ins with broken glass, metal wire, and other undesirable debris often found in urban soils.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after each trip to the garden.  Hand washing goes a long way to reduce the risk of ingesting contaminated soil particles, which is the most common way people are exposed to contaminants.
  • Supervise children while in the garden and make sure they do not eat any soil.  Bring plenty of snacks for kids to munch on instead.
  • Make sure children wash their hands and toys after playing in the garden.
  • Dedicate a specific pair of shoes for gardening and remove them before entering the house. Wash gardening clothing promptly to prevent dust and dirt from being tracked through the home.
  • Clean produce before storing.
  • Wash all vegetables and fruit before consumption  whether they’re homegrown or store bought. Make sure to wash and peel all root vegetables.

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