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Soil Testing

Healthy, high quality soil is arguably the most important ingredient in developing a productive garden.  

Soil tests provide information in two important areas of soil health: soil fertility and soil contamination.


Local Soil Testing Labs

  • Stat Analysis Corp
    2255 W Harrison, Chicago, IL 60612
    (312) 733-0551
    Soil tests for an affordable $18
  • Northern FS, Inc., Soil Testing Laboratory
    20048 Webster Rd., DeKalb, IL 60115
    (815) 756-2739
    Soil fertility tests only (no testing for heavy metals or toxins)
  • Soiltech, Inc.
    22256-3375 East St., Arlington, IL 61312
    (815) 638-2522
  • Mowers Soil Testing Plus, Inc.
    117 E. Main, P. O. Box 540, Toulon, IL 61483
    (309) 286-2761
  • A&L Great Lakes Laboratories, Inc.
    3505 Conestoga Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46008
    (219) 483-4759

Local Soil and Soil Amendment Suppliers


  • Gethsemene
    5739 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60660
    (773) 878-5915


  • Sprout Home
    745 N. Damen, Chicago, IL 60612
    (312) 226- 5950


  • Ace Landscape
    2700 E. 95th, Chicago, IL 60617
    (773) 721-0768
  • Land and Lakes– compost pick up only
    1258 East 138th Street, Chicago, IL 60827
    (773) 264-8508
  • Edsel Ammon Nursery
    549 E 76th St, Chicago, IL 60619
    (773) 651-5518
  • Long’s Garden Center
    11226 S. Halsted, Chicago, IL 60628
    (773) 785-4233

Other Soil Building Resources and Tools

On the Web

USDA NRCS Healthy Soil Checklist
Harvard Yard Soil Restoration Project
Biological Farming (Gardening)
Sustainable Studies Institute
University of Illinois Hort Corner
Worm Woman:

In Print

Teaming With Microbes by Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis
Timber Press, Portland, Oregon
ISBN: 13: 978-0-88192-777-1

Soil Biology Primer published by the Soil and Water Conservation Society
Revised 2000 – USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhof
ISBN: 0-942256-10-7

Secrets to Great Soil by Elizabeth P. Stell
Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1-58017-009-9

The Gardener’s A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food
by Tanya l. K. Denckla; Storey Publishing
ISBN: 987-1-58017-370-4

Lawn Related:
The Organic Lawn Care Manual by Paul Tukey
Storey Publishing, ISBN:13: 978-1-58017-649-1

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