Fruit Trees for Your Community Garden

Espalier fruit trees

Espalier fruit trees


If you want some apple, pear or plum trees for your community garden or want to find out what grafting fruit tress is all about then do attend the Midwest Fruit Explorers (MidFEx)  grafting workshop on Sunday March 26, 2017 at 1pm.

The purpose of the grafting workshop is to learn how to graft. Nonmember beginners will learn how to graft selected apple varieties on apple rootstock.  Learn the the whys and hows with experienced grafters as MifFEx will have some of its most skilled members on hand from 1:00pm-4:00pm to answer questions and assist you.  They also have an impressive amount of scion wood available for grafting.

Please arrive on time. Lecture begins at 1:00 sharp. Workshop will last until about 4:00 pm.  Only the individuals actually grafting fruit trees will be allowed in the grafting classroom.  Friends, spouses, and children are welcome to explore the grounds during the sessions.

If you’d like more information about grafting see the Grafting Page on the MidFex site.

Date: Sunday March 26, 2017
Location: 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe, Illinois.  Go to the Linnaeus Room in the Regenstein Center building.

Parking: Parking is free for Chicago Botanic Garden members and members of gardens with reciprocal privileges. If you are not a member of the Botanic Gardens you will have to pay the parking fee.  Visit Chicago Botanic Garden’s web pages for details on parking and membership. Chicago Botanic Garden.
Costs:  The workshop and guidance are free. However you will need to buy rootstock if you want to take home a tree. We will have dwarfing apple, pear and plum rootstock available. Cost is $4 each with free scion wood for MidFEx members.  Non-members pricing is $5 which includes two pieces of scion wood of their choice. Unless rootstocks were preordered, each attendee will be limited to three (3) rootstocks each.  Grafting requires a very sharp knife with a 2-3 inch blade. Bring your own medium-size pocket knife–we can sharpen it for you if needed, or purchase one at the workshop. Other supplies are available for purchase if you would like to continue honing your grafting skills after the workshop is over.



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