March Seed Starting Workshop a Big Success

A capacity crowd of ninety-one community gardeners and friends attended the Resource Committee’s morning workshop March 4 at the Center for Green Technology!  Additional chairs were placed in the aisles on either side of the room and at the back of the room and still some persevered after waiting in line to stand for this highly anticipated presentation.  Ellen Newcomer briefly introduced the featured speaker, Nick Michaud of Westover Farms. Nick met everyone’s expectations with an outlined presentation complete with slides that made it all sound and look easy. Even seasoned gardeners had something to learn and many were gratefully reminded of the importance of every step from sowing with a good starter mix, putting seeds at the right depth, having a good light source as well as adequate water and heat for good germination.  Then Nick took it a bit further and talked about thinning, transplanting and hardening-off. Nick generously took questions during the presentation and afterwards so that no one left in doubt about how to get started.  Judging by how eagerly folks picked up their kits and the extra packets of seeds, these gardeners will put it all to use soon.  Overall, the Resources Committee distributed fifty free-Starter-Kits which contained Purple Cow Seed Starting Mix (generously contributed by this fine Wisconsin company); seed trays; and a large envelope packed with 2017 seeds for 25 different vegetables as well as sunflower and annual flower seed mixes.  A handy booklet prepared by LaVerne Morris that includes a description of each of the vegetables with detailed growing instructions was also distributed.  This booklet is sure to become a keepsake and reference for many a gardener. The Resources Committee thanks Nick for his knowledge and participation, Purple Cow for their great Starter Mix, and the community gardeners for attending.  Happy growing!


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