Sept. 29 Plant Distribution – Largest Yet for CCGA

This year it was over 6000 plants on two trucks, the first from Elite Growers and the next to arrive, the Scott Byron & Co. truck, pulling a trailer. It had to be piled higher than last year to hold that many shrubs, grasses, perennials, ground covers, lilies, and more! Each year the team at Scott Byron pulls together plants from many growers for CCGA, and this year was an exception only in the greater number of material generously donated. The team of CCGA participant volunteers and community volunteers started early and off-loaded everything, sorted and organized and then loaded again into vehicles pots and pots of plants during 6 hours of a very successful, smooth operation. CCGA Resources chair, Pat Hart pictured in a red hat below, proved again that she has more energy and drive than a handful of the rest of us. Nice work Pat! Some very big, big thanks go out to our many volunteers for their help and we captured a few of them in photos.

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