Annual Greenhouse Clean-up at CCGT

In a month or so frost will be biting at our herbs and vegetables that are not cold hardy, and many gardeners will be ready to catch their breath again, but greenhouse prep has already begun. It’s time to shelter ornamentals and start propagation, and by January, start seed for next spring. The CCGA Resources team shares the greenhouse at CCGT with Chicago Farm Works, and our annual greenhouse clean-up brought all of us together on Thursday, Oct. 12. Weeding the display yard outside, sweeping, cleaning, disinfecting the potting tables, sorting and cleaning pots, trays, and tools inside took up most of the morning. Now CCGA Resources can plan seeding and growing all those ornamentals, herbs and tasty vegetables that will be offered to community gardeners at the distributions in 2018!

Restoration work needed to be done outside the greenhouse as well. Weeds were cleared for a trench to hold a barrier. Here the muscle team of Erik, Robert, and Greg replace the rotted wood with wire netting to prevent rodents from invading the space. The next step was to nail in new treated plywood and paint. Then relax after a job well done.

First photo shows from left to right Andy, Jessica, Lucia, and Eileen from Chicago Farm Works. The shelves were bare only for a moment before begonia, coleus, ivy, and geranium were brought in for propagation by CCGA. And, it’s always play time with Erik Hernandez and Robert Hart on the job.

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